Is the Speakeasy Dinner Experience fun for Families?

Yes, the Speakeasy Dinner Experience is fun for families with children ages seven and above. However, we do not recommend it for children under seven years of age.

Though it is for fun and does not always happen, there is a "1920s Raid" with lights and sound effects. Additionally, we have found that many families attempt to squeeze in a full day's worth of activities and/or driving before the Sleigh Ride and Speakeasy Dinner, which can quickly become a very long day for younger children.

The Sleigh Ride & Speakeasy Dinner is more than a dinner and is typically two to two and a half hours altogether, plus your driving time to get here, so please keep that in mind!

We request that a parent accompany children or that they remain seated at all times. No electronic devices are allowed.

Some suggestions to make it fun

  • Give your children the password and have them knock on the hidden door!
  • Have them help you with the hidden tables should we be raided.
  • Try some of our fun 1920's non-alcoholic drinks like Shirley Temples.

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