Do you allow pets?

Stay Experiences & Lodgings

We do allow pets in select lodgings, primarily our two-bedroom chalets, which you can view here. During the summer, our side of Lake Clear has a shallow grade and dogs generally love it (if they like water).

You can find our full pet policy in our Terms and Conditions, but a few general guidelines are included below:

Pet Policy

  • The Lake Clear Lodge has several pet-friendly cabins while others are kept allergy-free. Please confirm that your lodging is pet-friendly upon booking and ensure that you have paid the appropriate pet charge.
  • You also agree to keep your pet on a leash or lead when outside your cabin and to clean up after your pet. Pets (unless certified service pets) are not allowed in the Main Lodge/Restaurant.
  • Please note: housekeeping will not be provided if you have a pet with you. We are happy to bring you needed items or provide housekeeping (if your pet is not in the building) upon request.

Food Experiences & Restaurant

The Department of Health requires that pets do not enter any restaurant facilities, which include the Main Lodge and Lake View Great Camp unless they are certified service dogs. We do not currently provide any experiences with outside dining options but do offer takeout on select nights.