Gift Certificate Usage Policy

Thank you for thinking of giving the gift of an experience at the Lake Clear Lodge & Retreat! Or, if you're a recipient, we look forward to seeing you soon! Please review the policies and restrictions below for using a gift certificate.

Policies & Restrictions

  • As with any of our bookings, all stays and experiences are based on availability and seasonal packages.
  • Certificates will be redeemed by prior reservation only. Hours and offerings vary by season and we want to be sure that the expected services are available when you arrive.
  • Gift certificates are valid until the expiration date listed in the certificate details, generally one year from the date of purchase. After the expiration date listed on the certificate, the balance becomes $0.00.
  • Gift certificates are not applicable for stays and experiences during Holiday and Peak Periods* and are subject to the discretion of the Lake Clear Lodge & Retreat. We reserve the right to deny the use of a gift certificate during certain time periods.
  • Gift certificates are only valid for use towards services that are provided directly by the Lake Clear Lodge & Retreat and cannot be used towards services provided by a third-party vendor. E.g., gift certificates are not applicable to a Sleigh Ride only.
  • However, gift certificates are applicable towards the full amount of a package offered jointly by the Lake Clear Lodge & Retreat and a third-party vendor. E.g., you may apply a gift certificate toward a Sleigh Ride & Speakeasy Dinner Experience.
  • If a gift certificate is used toward a food experience, gratuity will be added to the amount prior to applying the gift certificate. 
*Holiday periods include, but are not limited to, Christmas through New Years, Valentines Day, President's Day, 4th of July, Memorial Day, and Columbus Day. Specific peak and high season dates vary by year but will include a period of at least 4 days before and after any holiday as determined by the Lake Clear Lodge & Retreat.